HOTO Wrap-up

As promised, here are the videos from HOTO.  Our men show up at 6:08 closing on the boat ahead and holding off the boat behind (Hickory).  Thanks to some aggressive coxing by Jack and some serious ability to suffer by all our rowers, they pass that boat at painted rocks, almost catch another boat at the finish, and never allow Hickory to catch them.

Our first women’s boat shows up at 4:37, trying to hold overlap on a crew overtaking on the outside.  They do that, and turn well around the far markers.  Starting 10th is tough, but we were only passed by one crew.  Dealing with that overtaking crew hurt our painted rocks turn, but the rest was solid.  It’s fairly obvious when our second women’s boat shows up.  It looks like they had a respectable painted rocks corner, and have a big gap to the boat ahead.  But thanks to a good finishing course and strong rowing, we catch that crew by the finish.

Here are the times.  Our men went 1.2 seconds faster than last year, even though conditions were slower this year.  They were within 10% of the fastest crew, the second-best we’ve ever done (best was the 2012 W8+ at 9%).  Our ladies were slower than last year, but put up two respectable times for such young boats.

I want to close by congratulating our two seniors in the WV8+(a) on their final HOTO with Granby, and point out that the other 25 of you have a shot to race again next year and go even faster.  How fast will you be?  How many boats will you pass?  As for the rest of the team, will you fight your way into a HOTO boat next year?  Tryouts for those seats start in one week, and run 12 months.  Let’s get it Granby!