HREP Details

Here are the specifics promised for HREP.  The official website is

  1. Location is Catholic High School (4552 Princess Anne Rd); in the gym which is on the left side of the school as you drive in.
  2. The racing schedule (with your exact time to compete) is out in draft. The final lineup (which may have changes) will be posted at the event.
  3. All students attending need to arrive by 0800, except the Open Guys, who I will see there at 0730. There’s no need to check in at the event.
  4. Plan to stay the whole time (it’s a team event). The last team race is perhaps 1200, so 1230 pickup time should work great. If you must leave early, talk to a coach first.
  5. Racing uniform is our team shirt and spandex (assuming you have them… which you should). If you don’t have a team shirt, I need to know.
  6. Plan for your own food and beverages. There are concessions on site. You need to be hydrated and fed to race well (start now).
  7. There is no great place to put your stuff. Don’t bring a bunch of things with you. Granby Crew is not responsible if you lose your i-Whatever.
  8. Those of you who owe me regatta fees, Saturday morning is fine but before is preferred.
  9. There’s room to do homework. Bringing some is a great idea.
  10. The final schedule will be posted at the event. You are responsible for own race. Watch the clock, warmup, and prepare your body on time.
  11. The last events of the day are team races (1000m). They are free. If you can get 4 people together to race, I’ll enter you (only people doing the erg pull can do the team event).  I make the entries on race day.  Once you’re in, there’s no backing out after the 2k.  You’d have to find someone to take your seat.
  12. Lightweights, the scales open at 0730. If you’re worried, talk to me about making weight. Limits are 155 for men and 135 for women.  They might be using our scale, so if you want a quick check before 0730 then you need to get there before I hand it over.
  13. Youth (elementary and middle school) competitor entries can be made the morning of the race (by you, early, at the regatta desk).