Evolving Details

This post will provide data (videos, reading, etc.) suggested for the training plan.  First, the cardio party workout lists will be helpful.  The cardio party goals will apply, in-part or in-full, to all the workouts.  For example, all your green zone work should be cardio heart rate or below.  Second, the workout details page will be updated as I gather material.  There will be more posts above this, but always come back here for the latest planning.  Third, is a yoga videos disclaimer:  I googled who the top yoga people were on youtube, and found this channel.  It seems acceptable (quality, accessible, etc.) to me, but don’t take my direction there as full endorsement.  There’s some yoga-specific language in the videos; you’re welcome do your own research.  Fourth, your running will be preceded by video lessons; make sure each green run has a technique focus.  Fifth, your core work should be centered around the cals we already do daily.  Sixth, you’ll do some visualization/mirror work of executing drills; you’ll need a good drills list to consider.  The details page is the current week (week 2).  Here’s week 1 and week 2.