Elite vs Us… a few corrections

Friday’s lesson asked for comparison of our training to ideal training.  Some said we do too much red and not enough green.  That’s not precisely correct.  The effective-practice video says the top athletes spend 50-60hrs per week on activities related to their craft.  Let’s guess 40hrs of that is the actual workouts.  If 85% of the time is green, there’s still 4hrs per week in the red zone, and 2hrs at yellow.  We don’t do enough red/yellow.   But we are way behind on green.  I’m hoping over the coming weeks you’ll find more green time.

Some said workouts (like the run, long rows, etc.) should not be yellow/red, but should be green.  I agree.  Often they are intended to be green.  If you don’t know a workout color, ask.  Make each workout the right color.  Find the green zone and use it.  Crew is one of the rare sports where everyone can do a workout together and stay green.  Strong rowers pull harder while green.  Other rowers pull lighter and stay green.  We’re in the same boat, so we stay together.

I was surprised by how many of you focused on your personal experience at the team, rather than the training calendar.  But that’s a good surprise.  It gave me insight I did not expect.  The correction I would offer is that our calendar of workouts tries to provide the right mix.  And the coaches want to help you fix the flaws that hold you back from optimal training.  We wish more students asked for that help.