Masking policy update

The CDC has updated their guidance for COVID-19 precautions.  NPS policy for masking will be changing on Tuesday.  Our team policy will follow suit.  Beginning Monday, masking will be optional during all practices at the boathouse.  Beginning Tuesday, masking will be optional during study hall.

The masking policy has always been about risk mitigation.  The risk equation is different for each of us, and constantly changing.  Granby’s masking policy will continue to be informed by larger guidance, and may change again.  I will keep wearing a mask in many situations, depending on how I assess the current risk/benefit.

All other COVID precautions remain in place.  If you have any symptoms that might be COVID-related, stay home and let us know what kept you away.  When you arrive, make sure your temperature is checked and you sign the paper for risk factor assessment.