VSRC2 initial details

The schedule is posted.  The lineups haven’t changed.  The racing looks like fun, but the weather looks bad.  This is a big deal: VASRA has obtained permission to complete the regatta on Sunday if they cannot finish on Saturday.  We’ll hope for the best, and adjust as needed.  It could be a long day/weekend.

Parking and drop-off rules remain the same as last time.  Budget the necessary room in your schedule for athletes to be there, and/or families to watch races (I have heard of shuttle delays lasting 30+ minutes).  To limit fatigue from weather, students are required to be on site just Xhr before their race time (X = 1.5hr for M2x, 2hr for WJ4+, 3.5hr for W4x).  Bring warm clothing to stay dry; the novices had to fight cold all day.