Swim Test #1 Admin

This year the test is at Northside Pool.  The bad news is that each athlete will have to pay $20 for a Norfolk fitness centers ID.  The great news is that the ID is valid for an entire year, giving you access to the various Norfolk gyms, pools, etc.  I’m glad you’ll have it; I just wish we didn’t have to make you get it.

The rules have not changed.  Please study them so you are ready, and follow the below amplifying directions:

  • Location is Northside Pool at 8401 Tidewater Drive.
  • As per the practice schedule, the day is Thursday.
  • There is no study hall, and no team transportation to the pool.  Please do your best to be there.
  • We ask that you try to arrive by 1515 to start getting your Norfolk IDs.  If you have one, 1540 is fine.  You can arrive as late as 1730 and still swim.
  • Actual swimming is from 1600 to 1800. Taking the test is quick (30min, including changing twice).  You could leave early if you need to (and give us prior notice).
  • Make sure you have the clothing called for by the rules, plus a towel and spare set of PT clothes to wear after testing.  Hint:  long socks don’t come off while swimming.
  • All paperwork that the booster club has mandated must be on file before you swim.
  • After swimming, we stay at the pool facility and complete other business.  Pickup will be in the parking lot outside at 1800.
  • Even if you aren’t swimming, come to practice.
  • There are two other swim tests on the calendar.  Don’t worry about this go-round.  It’s fine if you can’t swim well yet.  We’ll help you improve and pass the test.