Regionals Starts

Sorry about the shaky filming.  I would make a terrible surgeon.  That, and it’s hard to film in a launch rolling around in wakes from referee launches.

The WV4+ had some bad luck going in, and had to withdraw later, but still put in a strong effort in heats.

The MV4+ made it out of heats, but also had to withdraw from further racing.

The WN4+ had a very good heat, making them the favorite in finals.

The WN4+ won finals, despite their best efforts to lose it in the first 5 strokes.

The MJ4+ took second in finals, behind possible the fastest MJ4+ in the State.

The W4x was close to winning finals, but rowing extra meters kept them in second.

The MJ2x was a bit frantic at the start, but it seemed to work ok.