The Right Form

2022 – 2023 Registration Now Live!

Due September 14, 2022, or as soon as possible after joining:

1.  Complete the Google Forms entitled “2022-2023 Granby Crew Registration.”  This form is required for every athlete (new and returning) to ensure that you receive email communications.

2.  VHSL Physical Examination Form (revised January 2021)

3.  2022-23 COVID Letter (revised June 2022)

4.  Please read the GHSCTBC Bylaws (revised August 2021) before completing the 2022-2023 Parent/Athlete Contract. Be sure to print out and fill out all additional forms in #9-10.

5.   Fill out the 2022-2023 Additional Crew Forms The contract includes seven (7) pages of forms that must be printed/completed/signed and turned in at practice.  Please print each form on a separate page, not double sided.

6.  Sign the Granby Crew Waiver.

7.  Concussion Education for Parents/Guardians and Student Athletes  (this is a link; instructions will appear on the webpage; we need the signed form)

8.  Athletic Handbook for Parents and Athletes 2022-2023-Updated (student and parent/guardian must read entire book; turn in completed page 23-24 (cardiac arrest), page 26 (pledge), and page 29 (Virginia Driver Information)).

9.  US Rowing Waiver  (Novices will be added after we receive your paperwork and first dues.  Varsity please log in and re-sign your waiver.)

NPS Volunteer Driver Form (page 29 from Athletic Handbook) and DMV Form  (For adult drivers who will be transporting student athletes for any Granby Crew activity.  Only fill out “SUBJECT INFORMATION” AND “DRIVING RECORD INFORMATION” on the DMV.  Please write in both Date of Birth and License Number.)

IB Waiver Letter  (only students living outside Granby district, but part of our school through IB; don’t turn this in to us, mail it to the address on the letter to get NPS permission for competition out of district)

NPS Level 1 Volunteer Form  (only if you plan to volunteer for study hall or land parent; this is a link to the NPS site; complete the top/free link)

Financial Assistance Policies & Application

Due in January:

US Rowing Waiver  (Only 4th year rowers are now on the January rotation.)

Due Before Spring Season:

EVSRA Combined Waiver Form (to be posted)

Financial Forms

GHSCTBC Expense  (request reimbursement for official team expense)

GHSCTBC Receipt  (document official team income)

Volunteer Coaching

NPS Level 2 Volunteer Form  (this is a link to the NPS site; must be completed by anyone interested in volunteering as a coach with the team; there is a cost of about $11 for the background check)