Dear Granby Crew Supporter,

POWER 10!” was first commanded by a Granby coxswain in 2002 and instructs each rower to give maximum strength and effort for 10 strokes. Since then, Granby Crew has grown into one of the largest crew teams in Hampton Roads with a team of 50-60 athletes per year. Granby Crew is a 100% participation sport with every athlete racing, and has raced at a competitive level across the state of Virginia fielding 5 State Champion boats in the last 4 years. But we need your help. Our equipment is aging, and racing shells are expensive.

Granby Crew is supported by a parent booster club, coached from September to May by unpaid volunteer coaches, and has a financial assistance program so that any student who wants to row is able.  Functioning as a club sport at an inner city public school, Granby Crew receives NO SUPPORT ($0) from our local government or school board. The annual operating budget is entirely provided through dues and fundraising, but does not cover the cost of purchasing replacement equipment.

While all sports are affected by funding, usually equipment differences aren’t a major factor as they often are for us. Imagine a game of football or soccer where one team doesn’t get to wear cleats. Imagine a game of baseball where one team uses aluminum bats and the other uses wood. Imagine a game of tennis where one player uses a wooden racquet. Racing boats usually last 5 to 7 years. Our athletes race in boats that are 11, 16, 20, 25, and 26 years old. Replacement boats start at ~$20,000 with new boats costing $40,000 and up.

Why support Granby Crew?  Our student athletes! Our team is made up of kids from all walks of life.  With an emphasis on strong academics, Granby Crew provides an hour of study hall after school every day before practice, and the graduation rate for seniors on our team is 100%.  They run, lift, erg, and row to reach their athletic potential, training year round. These kids work hard and achieve so much, but they need your “POWER 10” to go even further!

Please consider a donation today.  As a 501(c)(3) your donation to Granby High School Crew Team Booster Club is 100% tax deductible.  This Capital Campaign is raising funds specifically to purchase new racing shells.

Mail your check payable to:

Granby High School Crew Team Booster Club

PO Box 9545

Norfolk, VA  23505

More about Granby Crew from the perspective of Head Coach Paul Coslick:

– “Our team may be the largest at our high school, but we receive no monetary support from our school system.  We appreciate the limited non-monetary support our school can provide in an area where club programs like crew are a luxury the schools can’t afford.  We appreciate what our students pay to participate; for many, it’s what (and sometimes more than) they can afford.

– In the 2017/18 school year, crew membership cost each student $600, far less than most of our competitors, and equal to approximately $1 per hour of instruction/participation.  This is the same total monetary input required for the last 10 years (my time with Granby), and may be the same amount since when the team was founded in spring of 2002.

– All sports are affected by funding, but on the field of play (especially at big events), equipment differences aren’t huge.  They often are for us. Imagine a game of football or soccer where one team doesn’t get to wear cleats. Imagine a game of baseball where one team uses aluminum bats and the other uses wood.  Imagine a game of hockey where one team uses skates that beginners rent at a local rink.

– The industry standard racing shell hull warranty (of competitive material condition, assuming no damage from use) is 5 years offered only by top companies.  Resolute has the longest warranty at 7 years. The ages of our 8s from youngest to oldest are 11, 16, 20, 25, and 26 (none made by those top companies) . Our third best 8 was given to us for free 2 years ago, costing us $400 in repairs to get it racing.  Our fourth-best 8 was purchased 3 years ago for $300.

– At a big head-race about 5 years ago, our WV8 put their 20-year-old shell in the water and was preparing to race.  Another team’s coach exclaimed to his students as they walked by carrying a $40,000 shell, “Look! That’s what racing shell’s used to look like.”

– Our 2018 M4x came in second at States.  Their time was 2.2% slower than the winner.  The first-place coach admitted to a team parent that if the racing hulls were traded, we might have won.  Oh, and by the way, the 4x boat we raced in was one we had borrowed.

– Our student athletes train all year.  They PT, run, lift, erg, and row hard to find tenths of seconds improvement in their athletic potential.  They analyze video, read lessons, listen to lectures, and discuss practices to find tenths more seconds of speed in their rowing technique.  Hard work is always worth doing. Equipment quality doesn’t take away from the most important parts of Granby Crew: Hard Work, Personal Improvement, and Teamwork.”

                                Thank you for your support!

                                Granby High School Crew Team Booster Club