Harris Teeter

  • VIC cards have to be linked yearly to a 4 digit school code. Granby Crew’s code is 3068.
  • VIC cards can be linked as early as July 1 but earnings will not start until August 1.
  • A VIC card can be linked to up to 5 schools.



Holiday Wreaths Fundraiser

Orders are DUE Thursday, October 26, 2017

Your athlete will come home with a Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser packet.  If you need another packet, ask for one at practice.

Payment is due — checks payable to “GHSCTBC” — when each order is placed.

Please note that the Local Orders pricing is different from the out of town Holiday Gift Products pricing:

Pricing – Local Orders

Classic Wreath  $27
Victorian Wreath  $32
Cranberry Splash Wreath  $33
Victorian Spray  $27.50
Cranberry Splash Spray  $29
Candlelit Centerpiece  $32

Pricing – Holiday Gift Products

(ships directly via FedEx to the gift recipient)
Classic Holiday Gift Wreath  $38
Victorian Holiday Gift Wreath  $43
Wintergreen Holiday Gift Wreath  $43
Cranberry Splash Holiday Gift Wreath  $43
Candlelit Holiday Gift Centerpiece  $39

Holiday Wreaths Fundraiser Website



Granby Crew is selling discounted tickets to the 2017 Hunt Club Farm Haunted Halloween Festival.  Tickets are regularly priced at $29, but we will sell them as a fundraiser for $25.

For dates, times and additional information, visit the Hunt Club Farm Website.


Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soup Labels, and Farm Fresh Receipts: Ongoing.  Don’t forget to clip labels for Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soups and save Farm Fresh receipts.  The coordinator would like to receive Box Tops neatly trimmed.  If the box tops are very small, you can cut them out larger, just please trim them instead of giving them to the coordinator with torn edges.  Same with soup labels, please.

Watch your email for updates, but keep clipping those labels!