Yankee Candle Online Sales:
Our Team makes 40% off all sales!
Our Sale Ends November 15th

Direct Granby Crew Yankee Candle Sales Link 990062530:

Please click the flyer link for more information

YC Fundraising Flyer

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  • VIC cards have to be linked yearly to a 4 digit school code. Granby Crew’s code is 3068.
  • VIC cards can be linked as early as July 1 but earnings will not start until August 1.
  • Have a Harris Teeter VIC account? Just go into your account setting online, type in Granby Crew, click on it and it will add it to your number automatically.
  • A VIC card can be linked to up to 5 schools.


Check our Granby Crew Facebook Page for YNOT Pizza Thursday Night Fundraiser Night Reminders! A percentage of all sales for that day come to the Granby Crew Team! 

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box-topsBox Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soup Labels, and Farm Fresh Receipts: Ongoing.  Don’t forget to clip labels for Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soups and save Farm Fresh receipts.  The coordinator would like to receive Box Tops neatly trimmed.  If the box tops are very small, you can cut them out larger, just please trim them instead of giving them to the coordinator with torn edges.  Same with soup labels, please.

Watch your email for updates, but keep clipping those labels!