USRowing Needs Referees


September 2014

Greetings Granby High School Crew Team Booster Club Inc./Granby Rowing Club:

If you are a coach or administrator at one of the 1,200+ member organizations of USRowing, you have seen a dramatic growth in our sport.  Participation at USRowing registered regattas continues to grow and new regattas are providing more opportunity for competition.  This has resulted in increased demand for coaches, equipment, facilities and administrators.  These are exciting times for the sport of rowing!

To meet the demand, the USRowing Referee Program needs to increase its pool of referees.  Referees assure that the racecourse and competition are safe and fair.  From the start to the finish, they observe the competitors and apply the Rules of Rowing.

USRowing provides free training to anyone interested in becoming a referee.  Training materials, clinics, on-the-water observations, and mentoring are available for all new referees.  Annual Referee College sessions are scheduled during the winter months.  This year two sessions will be held in Sarasota, Florida.  These are free, with the cost of room, board and tuition underwritten by USRowing and a grant from the NCAA.

The Referee Program is requesting that your organization identify 2 – 4 individuals that would be interested in becoming referees.  No rowing experience is required, just a keen interest in competition and rowing.  Please circulate this request to your Board, coaches, parents, and volunteers – and post it in the boathouse.

The process is simple. The prospective candidate joins USRowing, fills out the attached Candidate Application form and returns the application by mail or email to:
Director of Referee Programs
P.O. Box 449
New Castle, DE 19720