About Granby Crew

Q:  Is the team any good?

A:  Heck yeah, we’re good… and getting better.  We’ve won many races at the Regional, and State Level through good technique and solid athletics.  We’re usually one of the biggest crews in eastern Virginia.  A big crew is a fast crew.  In 2013, our Women’s Varsity 8+ won the Eastern Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association Championship.  At any regatta, the V8+ events are the fastest.  On 27 April 2013, Granby Crew had the best women’s crew in region.  With the right athletes (men or women), we can repeat or even surpass that level of success.

Q:  Are the coaches any good?

A:  Yes.  The coaches know what they are doing.  They understand how to make good rowers and athletes.  Between them, the coaches have over a decade in coaching, over two decades as competitors.  Granby Crew wins because of our great technique.  You bring the drive, we’ll bring the know-how.  Learn more by visiting our page about the coaches under From the Launch.