About the Benefits of Crew

Q:  What are the benefits of crew?

A:  There’s a huge list, so let’s cover the big ones:

  • Crew is all about teamwork.  In this sport, you’ll make great friends.  And you’ll learn to work hard/well with others, a vital skill for any person.
  • Rowing is a total-body workout.  Crew creates great athletes, and everyone should be an athlete (not skinny, not “in-shape”, an athlete).
  • The benefits of exercise have been scientifically proven.  Some of that science has shown the benefits last for your entire life.  Working out is vital.  Crew just makes it fun.
  • Any sport builds confidence.  The drive to compete is essential to all of us.  Crew fine-tunes that desire, creating leaders and responsible individuals.
  • Crew is not a contact sport.  Rowing has its share of injuries, but broken bones, concussions, and anything else really severe can only happen if something goes wrong.
  • Any sport broadens your prospective on the world.  Life is not all Facebook and Xbox.  Try something new.
  • Crew can help you get into college.  Good schools are looking for students who are ready handle the many challenges of life.  Rowing presents plenty of challenges that help you prove yourself.

Q:  Can this help me with college application and/or scholarship?

A:  Yes, it can.  First, colleges are looking for well-rounded students who can succeed at levels of higher learning.  Participation in a sport that takes high levels of commitment can show college admissions boards that you can handle the difficulties of college.  In terms of scholarships, women’s rowing has a whole bunch of opportunities.  You need to be a strong rower and have a few other things going for you, but a full scholarship is possible.  There may be a few scholarships out there for men, but they’re not easy to find.  Sorry guys, such is life a land where football is king.  Collegiate rowing is strong in the US.

Q:  Why crew, why not another sport?

A:  There’s no good answer to this question.  Most sports are great.  All have advantages and disadvantages.  But here’s some opinions to consider:

  • When you try out for most varsity sports in high school, you’re competing for spots on the team with students who’ve played that sport for years growing up.  Experience counts.  At crew (at least in this region) everyone shows up with the same experience… none.  It’s a level playing field.  Athletics, natural ability, and desire to improve will dictate who does best.
  • In rowing, you get a great workout.  Seriously, why do a sport if you’re not going to be an athlete?
  • Rowing has fewer injuries than most sports, including the latest hot-button issue of impacts to the head and the potential for future negative affects on the brain.  Rowing is also lower-impact than most sports.  You might be able to row when other sports are not an option.
  • Crew is a self-cutting sport.  Thus, the team does not make cuts.  If you can handle the work and want to keep getting better, then there’s a seat for you in a boat at Granby Crew.
  • Rowing is not the most popular sport in America.  Don’t expect any endorsement deals.  But, if fame is not your only goal in life, then crew can help you.  Crew is all about team.  Students work for the group, not themselves.  At crew you can truly belong to a great organization.