The Team

Granby’s Women’s Novice 8+ and Men’s Novice 4+ are 2016 State Champions.  Check out the photo finish for the men (click to enlarge), and the dominant victory by the women (filmed by another team) below.

MN4+ photo finish

The 2015/16 season is almost done.  Granby Crew did GREAT at Regional Championships.  We won the Efficiency Cup, and placed second in the Thompson Cup.  Our finishes (in chronological order) were:

  • 1st place – Women’s Novice 8+
  • 1st place – Men’s Novice 4+
  • 1st place – Women’s Second Varsity 4+
  • 1st and 4th place – Women’s Double
  • 1st place – Women’s Lightweight 4+
  • 2nd place – Men’s Double
  • 2nd place – Women’s Varsity 4+
  • 2nd place – Men’s Varsity 4+

15MAY – Well done to all our VSRC participants.  Congratulations to our W2x and M4x for their bronze medals, and to our WL4+ for their gold.  See videos below.

5MAY – EVSRA trophy results are official.  We won the Efficiency Cup handily (91%) over Great Bridge (82%) and Norfolk Academy (68%).  We got our highest every finish in the Thomson Cup, second place (265pts).  First was Norfolk Academy (307pts) and third was Great Bridge (230pts).

1MAY – Results from today (2016 EVSRA Championship Finals).  This is amazing work everyone.  Let’s finish the year strong.  Get your homework done and get to sleep.


30SEP14 – This is rowing perfection.

It’s never too late to join.  Granby Crew is always recruiting novice rowers and coxswains.  No prior experience is needed.  There are no try-outs.  There are no cuts.  If you’ve got the drive and enthusiasm to keep up with us, we’ll help you become a competitive athlete.  Just ask the members of our 2015 State Champion Men’s Novice 4+ (video below).  If you want more info, start by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  Can’t find the answer there, email Coach Paul at pacman1224@gmail.  Looking to convince your friends to join, try sending them to our Recruiting and Recruiting Video pages.

Here’s video of 2014’s WN4+ winning States.  The video was taken by Langley Crew, so you don’t get to see them cross the line.  Still fun to watch.