Study Hall Details


Location:  Study hall is held every regular school day in the medium forum.  There is no study hall on early release days (practice still begins at 3:30).  When all after-school activities are cancelled, that includes practice.


  • 2:15  The bell rings.  Students must be seated and doing homework or reading before the bell.
  • 2:35  Everyone changes into their running clothes.  Students must bring running shoes and proper clothing every day to study hall.  Forgetting clothes for running is not a valid excuse for missing the run.
  • 2:45  Walkers depart for the boathouse.  These students must leave first to arrive on time.  A note is expected for anyone incapable of running. See further details below about running expectations.
  • 2:55 Slow runners depart; Captains know who they are.
  • 3:00  Everyone else will be sent to run.  Athletes must follow the NPS dress code.  Athletes shirt must stay on during run/walk to and at practice.
  • Please check weather every night and wear appropriate attire to practice.
  • 3:30  Practice at the boathouse begins.  All students walking, running, or arriving by other means (did not attend study hall) should be at the park and ready to go.
  • Students are not allowed to “hang out” at the boathouse or in Lakewood Park until practice begins.  If arriving to the park early, a student with Granby Crew must remain with their adult guardian until a coach or the study hall monitor arrives.


  • Talking is only allowed for students helping each other with homework. Students must request permission from the Study Hall Monitor for these discussions before they happen.  If the Monitor believes that the students are talking without doing homework, they will be moved or separated.  Unnecessary conversation disturbs students actually trying to do homework, and will not be tolerated.
  • All book bags should be on the floor and books out. If a student has no homework to complete or book to read, they will be asked to put their heads down on the desk or get a book from the back of the classroom.
  • Electronic devices are not allowed (except Fridays).  Nooks and other readers may be used if first shown to the study hall monitor.  Devices may also be used for homework after approval.  Anyone using a device will sit up front.  Electronic devices used improperly or without permission will be confiscated.  The student can get the device back from the coaches after practice.
  • You should not have to be told twice to behave in study hall.  The Head Coach will be informed of any student repeatedly disturbing study hall.  After a third issue, the student may not be allow to attend Study Hall.
  • Student should not need to use the bathroom or get water during study hall.  Students have 10 minutes before Study Hall to do these things.
  • Anyone coming in to study hall late must have a note from parent/teacher stating where they were.
  •  Fridays are free days.  Casual conversation and games are allowed.  Talking must not get too loud.

Running:  The Study Hall Monitor will follow the students running to the boathouse.  Book bags will be transported in the Monitor’s vehicle.  Students must ensure their bags are secure in the vehicle, and no items are left behind at the school.  Running rules are found here.

Required Attendance:  All students lacking rides to practice are required to attend study hall.  Arriving late to study hall requires a legitimate excuse (written down and signed by an adult associated with the excuse), passed to the study hall monitor when arriving at practice.  If you don’t know what qualifies as a legitimate excuse… just ask.

Implications:  At the beginning of every practice, the Head Coach will be given a list of all students attending study hall.  This list will also detail behavioral issues and students that walked to practice.  Anyone late without justification, misbehaving, or walking without valid excuses will (at a minimum) remain on land for practice.  They may be sent home.

Head Coach’s Note:  Study hall is part of practice.  If you do not take it seriously, I will not take you seriously.  Without study hall, Granby Crew is a much smaller team.  The Study hall monitors make it possible for our team to grow.  Do not forget this.  Show them the respect they deserve.  Use this time like any other practice time and work hard.  Get stronger as a student so that you can be stronger as a student-athlete.  If you have issues or questions, simply talk to us.  We are reasonable people.  The coaches, parents, and team volunteers want you to succeed and will work hard to help you make that happen.  Now get to work!