Practice Arrival Policy

The following standards set the expectations for coming to practice (including arrival at study hall, the boathouse, the weight room, etc.):

  1. Students are expected to arrive at the boathouse by 1530 (0800 Saturdays). Later arrival should be appropriately justified, or the student should not attend practice.
  2. Students participating in a practice must arrive at the boathouse by 1550 (0810 Saturdays), or will likely be sent home. Arrival later than this may be allowed if previously arranged with the coaches (see spring rules).
  3. Any time a student is dropped off at practice, their ride must not depart until the student verifies coaches are present to supervise them.  Students cannot be dropped off at practice more than 15min before the official start.
  4. Students arriving to practice on foot (no matter where they are coming from) in groups smaller than two is prohibited.
  5. Cycling to practice is allowed.
  6. Request for ride assistance from the study hall monitor can be made for legitimate reasons (e.g. orchestra, test makeup). The study hall monitor (in consultation with the coaches) will decide what circumstances justify going back to the school after escorting the runners and providing a ride to practice.
  7. Late release from a school club does not justify late arrival or ride assistance. Students must make their club teacher/facilitator aware of their practice schedule, and depart on time to reach practice by the available means.
  8. Late departure from a study group does not justify late arrival or ride assistance.

These rules were written based on previous years when arrival routines were far too disruptive for successful practice.  Hopefully the team arrives in such a manner as to make these rules superfluous.