Dress Code

Granby Crew follows the NPS Dress Code and the NPS Student Code of Conduct.  Based on the realities of our sport, the following exceptions/accommodations are identified:

1.  Crew requires that spandex or other very similar forms of tight shorts/pants be worn in the boats.  Wearing spandex in the boats makes it appropriate to wear spandex outside the boats.  Thus, spandex of appropriate length and thickness may be worn at any Granby Crew training or racing event, including those held within Granby High School.  This does not extend to study hall.

2.  Crew does not require that tight garments be worn on the torso, but overly lose shirts can be unsafe in the boats or interfere with the rowing stroke.  Tight clothing on the torso (such as a tank top) can ensure efficient rowing.  Thus, appropriate tank tops or other athletic apparel is allowed to be worn on the torso when it meets the other stipulations of the dress code.

3.  Granby Crew students have the option to wear hats, sunglasses, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, gloves, and any other clothing/accessories, depending on the current workout and the conditions (weather, location) in which that workout is being done.  This does not extend to workouts within Granby High.

4.  Clothing/accessories that do not violate the rules stated above may be inappropriate for portions of our sport.  The coaches will determine when this is the case and instruct the student to remove the items.

5.  At training and racing events, the coaches have full authority over dress code interpretation and enforcement.  During study hall, the study hall monitor has the same authority.  For violations of the dress code, enforcement actions equivalent to those in the NPS dress code, but adjusted to fit the practice/race environment may be exercised.

6.  Final authority over these actions rests with the head coach.  Appeals of dress code decisions can be addressed with the Granby Crew Booster Club President.  If further appeal is required, we suggest contacting the Granby High School Athletic Director.

Revision 1, Aug 2015