Our Coaches

The Granby Crew coaching staff is dedicated to the development of student athletes through the sport of rowing.  We have one of the best staffs in the region, capable of instructing students well in rowing technique, enabling them to compete at all levels.

Varsity Coach, Paul Coslick:
Coach Paul pic
Born and raised in Miami, FL, Coach Paul played tennis as a young boy and volleyball in high school, but spent most of his time studying and never really excelled at sports before going to college.

Paul began rowing in 1998 at the United States Naval Academy. Learning under the direction of many qualified coaches including two former national team rowers, his understanding of the rowing stroke and appreciation for athletic development grew over four years of competition. His coaching abilities would not become what they are today until some intense instruction by Peter and Philip Mallory, whose mentorship still continues today.

After leaving the sport for several years to serve overseas as a Submarine Officer, Paul returned to rowing in 2007 as an assistant coach for the Old Dominion University Rowing Club.  He joined the Granby High School Crew as an assistant coach in January of 2009, and held that post for 1 year.  In January 2010 he became the team’s head coach.  So far his crews have earned many States medals, including three state championships (2011 ML4+, 2015 M4x, 2017 WL4+).

Coach Paul still works for the Navy in a Civilian role.  Away from work and crew, he enjoys being an uncle, and occasionally… an athlete.

Novice Coach, Torsten Glaeser:

Torsten grew up in West Point, VA.  He has been a Norfolk resident for over 30 years, and knows the most about our home waters.  His athletic background is diverse, highlighted by his achievements as a high school and collegiate Division III soccer player.  While in college he trained rigorously 10 months out of the year to meet the demanding schedule.  After graduating from Old Dominion University, Torsten has been  gainfully employed in the construction industry as an estimator and contract administrator in the Hampton Roads Community.

Torsten has guided Granby Crew novices since 2010. Back then he was completely new to our sport.  But he became an expert very quickly.  His rapid grasp of the sport and current expertise for instructing high school rowers and coxswains provides an example for all our students to follow.  Under his leadership, Granby novices are always a top regional competitor.

Each year he finds capable athletes and turns them into skilled rowers and coxswains.  Torsten started taking novices to State Championships) in 2013.  His 5 crews have earned many medals, including four gold (2014 WN4+, 2015 MN4+, 2016 WN8+, 2016 MN4+).

When he has free time, Torsten enjoys numerous activities including backcountry hiking and skiing.

Assistant Coach (and primary study hall monitor), Priscilla Sanchez:
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Assistant Coach, Patty Reali:
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Assistant Coach, Samantha Dorman:
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Assistant Coach, Izek Montebon:
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Coxswain Coach, Becca Beach:
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Coach Emeritus, Philip Mallory:
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Coach Phil has moved away, and we will miss him.  He taught us all how to row faster, and is welcome back any time.  Philip grew up in a rowing family in San Diego, CA. Both parents were Masters national champions, so rowing was introduced at an early age. After learning to scull at the age of 6, Philip would only occasionally row, but took it up with a passion closer to high school, becoming a high school state champion coxswain in the 8th grade for San Diego Rowing Club. Philip won a bronze in the same event the following year, though this time from stroke seat.

Philip transitioned to a single to help train his step-sister of the same age, but never developed the size needed to do well against his own competition.

Philip chose to go to Boston University to be close to the Charles River and the rowing history made there.  Rather than rowing competitively, he decided to concentrate on his development within the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps. After graduating in 2008, Philip coached learn-to-row classes for BU students and masters out of the Boston University boathouse.

Philip became a Naval Surface Warfare Officer out of Norfolk, VA, and joined Granby Crew not long after, in the winter of 2009-2010 season. Philip missed the spring of 2011 season due to a counter-piracy deployment on USS Mason. Philip has since left the Navy (hence his move west).

He was Granby’s “technique expert,” and helped Granby transition towards the refinement and power needed to reach our lofty goals.  He passed this knowledge on to his fellow coaches,  enabling all members of the team to row well.

In his off-time, Philip enjoys spending time with his wife and running.

The Apprentices

Granby Crew has a program through which interested persons can become rowing coaches.  Some may not yet be old enough to assume the legal responsibility for student athletes.  Others may not have the technical expertise or experience to safely and effectively coach crews on the water and/or on land.  Either way, we hope to develop these individuals into excellent coaches and continue to grow our sport.

The Coaching Hall of Shame

Paul's Cold

Paul thinks Norfolk is too cold

Torsten Races 2013 HOTL

Torsten Races 2013 HOTL

Phil gets distracted at 2013 ORR

Phil gets distracted at 2013 ORR