Weight room time

Times have been adjusted for tomorrow.  Session 1 is 0830-1030.  Session 2 is 1000-1200.  None of you were kicked out of your slots by the change.  If you want to adjust your participation, please go to the site and do so.

HOTC videos

It took some extra fall season, but our novices finally got to race.  They looked pretty good.  Sorry three of the novice ladies had to miss.  The good news: there’s plenty of racing to be had come spring season.

HOTC lineps, draft schedule, updated info

Update 1:  our team oars will not appear on the shirt.  Sorry, I missed the deadline.

Lineups are set.  Thanks for all the communication that enabled these.  Draft schedule is out, but is expected to change some before final posting Friday.

The whole schedule is moved back one hour so temperatures can rise.  Coxswain meeting is at 0830; all coxswains be on-site by 0815.  Arrival times for other students are listed by boat (remember the schedule may change a bit).

After this regatta we will be unloading, washing, and rigging.  All racing students are expected back at the boathouse when the trailer arrives, and to stay until hull storage is complete.

HOTO videos

The coaches try to take good video of the biggest race of the fall.  We want our whole team to see what the big races are like; we want to inspire ambition for speed.  This year wasn’t bad.  At 2min into the men’s video there are 9 racing hulls visible.

For the women’s video, we got focused on the wrong boat.  It’s almost impossible to see that far out properly through the camera screen.  Our crew shows up at 2:30, and we only lose site of them for about 20sec.