A Brief Introduction

Granby High School Crew in Norfolk, Virginia launched its first racing boats in 2002.  Since then, we’ve grown in both size and stature.

The athletes are full-time students in all four grades of Granby High School.  Our rowers and coxswains train from September to May.  Our rowers learn both sweep rowing and sculling in boats of all sizes (singles, doubles, quads, fours, and eights).  Our coxswains learn to coach the rowers while driving in challenging river conditions (winds, tides, bridges, etc.).  Every member of our team learns the rowing stroke.

We are athletes, working hard every day to get faster.  We practice stretching, calisthenics, weight lifting, mental preparation, self-assessment, pier assessment, and much more.  Our students are responsible for the vast majority of work that gets done at our team, learning mechanical skills through equipment care.  Granby Crew does everything as a team.

We mix up our practice and racing lineups all the time.  Everyone rows with everyone else.  This helps us work to improve as a unit, and gives everyone an equal shot at reaching their potential.

The team has won many sprint races at the regional level, and several others at the State level.  We’ve done well in head races and indoor erg events too.  Granby Crew is self-funded, receiving no monetary support from Norfolk Public Schools.  Our families fundraise and pay dues so we can compete and keep our equipment in good working order.  We want to continue to grow and get faster, providing maximum benefit to all our students well into the future.

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