Message from Coach Paul

My name is Paul Coslick.  I am the head Coach of Granby Crew.

Over the past twelve years I’ve seen this team become one of the best programs in the region.  Every year we we find great students like yourselves to join the Granby Crew family and make us faster.  Everyone deserves to have a sport, a chance to become an athlete and challenge yourself physically and mentally.  To learn more on how crew helps you do that, I suggest visiting our other recruiting pages.

Does Granby Crew produce good/competitive rowers? Yes! In 2016, all 14 of the novices who joined in the fall and trained with us through spring became State Champions that year. What does good rowing look like?  Watch the 2014 States Gold Medal ML2x and Silver Medal W4x practicing a sprinting start and the opening 500m of a race:

If you’re worried about having little/no knowledge on rowing, don’t be… everyone starts out a novice.  If you’re worried about the workouts, don’t be… we will work up at your speed and give everyone a chance to be a great athlete.  If you’re worried about the water, don’t be… we can help you with swimming and you really don’t need to swim much anyway.  If you’re worried about the competition, good!  This is a serious sport and we will have to work hard if we want to achieve our goals.

This is a wonderful sport, and we have a good team that is working hard to become great.  I hope that you will join us, try the sport, and discover just how rewarding it can be.  Crew takes patience.  You won’t be racing immediately, but with hard work and strong commitment you will be going fast sooner than you think.  The coaches of Granby Crew will do my best to mold each of you into great athletes, rowers, and coxswains.

See you at the boathouse,
Coach Paul

PS – A big crew is usually a strong crew.  Tell your friends about our team and ask them to join you in trying the sport.  More strong competitors makes for more speed.

PPS – When the video above says “be Croatian”, this is what I mean.