Uniform Maintenance

Here is a little information GHSCTBC, Inc. would like for everyone to follow. This is to keep our uniforms in good shape for years to come. Our uniforms are Drywick Fabric. Please wash these uniforms separate and do not add fabric softener to them. Please line dry them, do not dry in the drier and do not wad. Treat stains immediately after every regatta and wash, do not let them set for a week. Just read the tag on each piece of uniform.

Parents, each uniform piece has a number. This helps to keep track of them and to make sure we get every uniform piece back to the Club. Please make note on what they are, so after each regatta, when we are collecting lose uniform pieces from the ground at the regatta site, boat trailer, and the lost and found box in the boathouse and calling out size and number, you and your Athlete know if it is his/her uniform that was found.

Each family will be responsible for payment of the replacement cost of your athlete/s uniform in CASH OR MONEY ORDER for each piece that is not returned to GHSCTBC in good condition. In addition, the uniform must be returned at the point that your athlete is no longer able to row for the team. Therefore, uniforms must be returned on site at the conclusion of the athlete’s last regatta (bring extra clothes to change into). No Athlete will be eligible to receive end of the year team gifts/awards unless they are in “Good Standing” and have returned and/or paid in full for the replacement of their uniform/s. Damaged uniform piece/s will get evaluated by the repair management from JL Racing in CA. If they are able to repair the uniform and the cost is less than the current cost listed below, you will be sent a check for the difference from GHSCTBC, Inc. This process takes a 3 to 4 month period. The Uniform Committee will keep you updated.

If uniform is unable to be repair you will receive the uniform piece/s that you paid for once they are received from JL.

Thank You


Uniform Committee