Communication Policy

Adult-to-athlete and athlete-to-adult communications must follow these rules:

  1. For all non-emergency purposes, students and coaches will only communicate electronically via email. Phone calls, text messages, social media, or any other forms of electronic communication are prohibited.
  2. Communication for safety emergencies may be accomplished by any means.
  3. Coaches emailing students, including replies to student emails, will always cc another coach.
  4. Students may email coaches directly from a personal email account, or an account maintained by a parent/guardian. Students are encouraged to cc a second coach on such emails.
  5. Other adults/parents associated with Granby Crew emailing students must cc a parent/guardian of the student.
  6. The only non-emergency exception to these rules is contacting Coach Priscilla (or the substitute study hall monitor) for assistance in getting to the boathouse.

Formal communications establish efficient, respectful working relationships.  Limiting our business path to email ensures a minimum level of formality.  These standards will be referenced by the team’s safesport policy.  Deviation from the rules is a safesport violation, and must be reported.

Face-to-face communications remain valid, and will be conducted with the same spirit of formality.  We don’t have formal rules, but we do have best-practices.

  1. A coach should never speak 1-on-1 with a student unless that format is specifically requested by the student.  Even if this is the requested format, at least one other coach will remain in eyesight of the conversation.
  2. Brief exchanges necessary to facilitate the day’s practice could be 1-on-1, but only because the rest of the team is present and work is ongoing.