About Joining

Q:  How do I join?

A:  It’s easy.  There are no try-outs.  There are no cuts.  Contact the coaches or the booster club.  If the school year has begun, you can just come to study hall.  Or come directly to the boathouse.  Try it for a bit. If you like it, we’ll help you with our paperwork, etc. You’ll need a VHSL physical; please get that done ASAP.

Q:  Is it too late to join?

A:  No.  It’s never too late.  Well, almost never; it takes a bit of time to learn our sport.  If you want to race this fall, then joining in October is pushing it.  If you want to race this spring, we prefer you join before March.  No matter when you join, we’ll be happy to have you.

Q:  Do I need to be a good athlete to join?

A:  No, not really.  The athletics will come with time.  If you do the work, then you’ll become an athlete.  We start slow and build into the sport with plenty of focus on correct motions first.  If you join at the beginning of fall, then you’ll be able to keep up for the rest of the year.  The winter and spring are more intense, but you still have time to build up your abilities.

Q:  Do I need to be a good swimmer?

A:  No.  Crew does not involve swimming unless something goes wrong.  This is rare, but being on the water requires a margin of safety.  So, you must be able to swim.  Don’t worry; we’ll help you learn.  Our swim test requirements are very simple and we have several people on the team who can help you get better in time to row (the first two weeks of learning are done on land).  There are multiple chances to test your swimming.  If you don’t pass, we’ll keep working until you do.

Q:  What if I can’t run?

A:  We run from school to practice.  It’s a big part of our routine.  Running is a great way to build your endurance, but it’s not the only way.  People who can’t run can still be part of Granby Crew.  We can get you over to practice.  And, you’ll have plenty of chances to build endurance.

Q:  What if I participate in another sport?

A:  That’s fine, and it might be ideal.  Young athletes benefit greatly from cross-training.  You are welcome to train with our team any time you like.  Participation in just one season or in the entire year can be arranged.  But remember, you need time to learn rowing before you can race.  Joining late in any season lessens the chance you will be ready to compete.  As for the team’s dues, participation in only a portion of the year lessens the total financial obligation required.

Q:  Can I come watch some rowing before I decide to join?

A:  Yup.  We can arrange a time for you to drop by and observe.  Riding in the launch is usually possible, but not always.  It’s also a good idea to talk to team members about the sport if you know any of them.

Q:  Do I have to attend Granby High School to be a part of the team?

A:  In the fall and winter, our program sometimes allows non-Granby Norfolk Public Schools students to participate.  Anyone who want to row should contact us to see if the team has room.  If not, we’ll point you to other teams.  In spring season we participate in events that require entire boats consist of students from one high school.  You must meet all NPS requirements for doing sports at Granby to race as Granby.

Q:  I’ve never rowed.  Should I do a summer rowing camp to get a head-start?

A:  No!  Please let your first days/weeks rowing be with us.  Most rowing camps are too short to properly teach the rowing stroke.  As a result, they move at a pace that breeds bad habits.  Granby Crew takes great pride in our rowing technique, our patient instruction of novices, and our impressive novice racing results.  Besides, rowing camps are much more fun at the end of your novice year (not before).

Q:  When and where can I get a VHSL physical?

A:  The family doctor is always an option.  But NPS offers physicals at specific times of the year (mostly summer, and the first week of school). Even if you don’t row, get a physical. That way, you can do any NPS sport.

Q:  When and where is the next swim test?

A:  There are usually three swim tests scheduled at the beginning of the fall.  In the spring there will likely be one scheduled test to make sure anyone new is good to start getting on the water.  When a new student joins we can get their swimming tested on an as-needed basis.  Get on the team’s email list and you’ll be informed about the details.

Q:  What is the cost to participate?

A:  Those details are in the paperwork for joining.  It depends on what season(s) you want to do, and whether you want to race.  A full year is $700.  Good news is… you don’t have to pay anything to come try the sport for a few practices.  Dues are only paid if you decide to keep participating.  Other good news: there’s financial assistance potentially available.