HOTO Wrap-up… updated

We’ve never done so well at HOTO.  The fall season definitely finished on a high note.

By comparing times, this year’s course looks to be about 5sec faster than last year for the men (due to wind gusts at the finish last year).  The 2016 and 2017 courses were probably equal for the women.  Our MV8+(a) was 49sec faster than last year, and we didn’t have a (b) entry.  Our WV8+(a) was 64sec faster, and WV8+(b) was 10sec faster.  Race times are here.

Videos (thanks to Coach Ian for the finish videos, Coach Gio for spotting our crews with binoculars, and Coach Katelyn for catching the 8s returning to the dock while we filmed) we took from shore are posted below.  Sorry about the shaking; much of this is at maximum camera zoom.  On both a-boat videos, there’s a long line of boats before we show up (men at 5:30, women at 3:45).  It offers a perspective on what racing at HOTO is like.

MV8+(a) –

MV8+(a) finish –

MV8+(b) –

MV8+(b) finish –

WV8+(a) –

WV8+(a) finish –

WV8+(b) –

WV8+(b) finish –