Joining Up

Here is the material from the first email:

Needed info, presented in order of importance (not be comprehensive; just what you need to start):

  • Practice starts Tuesday.  Attending creates no requirements of you.  Come try the sport; see if it’s for you.  The answer may be no, but you can’t decide without trying.
  • Crew follows the NPS lead on COVID, and takes the current pandemic very seriously.  Show up with a mask, and no COVID symptoms.  That, or stay home until meeting these criteria.
  • Everyone is welcome at Granby Crew (well… except those who would act counter to this maxim).  In junior-high I quit my first sport after day 1 because I didn’t feel I belonged.  Don’t make that mistake.
  • Weekday (M-F) practice is 1530-1800 at the boathouse (Lakewood Park).  Saturday practice is 0800-1100.  There are options for arriving late or leaving early.  Not all practices are required.
  • Those who need them must bring their inhalers and/or epi-pens.
  • Those without weekday vehicle rides to the boathouse must attend study hall (available day 1) in the medium forum after school (  Students cannot be unsupervised between school and practice (unless at home).
  • Those with vehicle rides (this may include driving one’s self) are highly encouraged to use them to help us minimize study hall numbers in COVID times.  Arrive at the boathouse no earlier than 1515.  We have not decided if cycling to practice from home will be an option.
  • Get your sports physical ( ASAP.  You can’t train hard (or even medium) without one.
  • Pre-practice running will not happen in the first two weeks.  Study hall attendees will walk over.  Riders… don’t worry about it yet.
  • Pickup from practice only happens around the tree circle.  Students will go directly there from the boathouse, and will only depart that area to get in a nearby vehicle.
  • Don’t see info you want, please ask for it.

Supplemental information:

  • Paperwork – Unfortunately, our club status leads to more paperwork.  Due date and forms are posted.  (
  • COVID protocols
    • The NPS COVID form on that page is due by the end of Friday practice, or the night before the next practice you attend.
    • Because we are a club sport, we are not yet in the system for the normal COVID checks. For now, we will complete COVID checks upon arrival at the boathouse (symptoms screening sheet, temperature check).
    • Once we are in the system, the COVID check process will go as follows:
      • We’ll use the OurSchoolApp (link to be inserted) each morning to verify we have no COVID symptom/tracing issues.  Complete before noon; fail to do so and you will cannot come to practice.  If you have any potential COVID issues, stay home.  Temperature checks will also happen at the boathouse.
      • The trainer will notify the study hall monitor of any students with issues (that’s for everyone on the team, not just people in study hall).  If you have an issue (such as contact tracing you didn’t know about when completing the App), you go home.
      • At the boathouse, students arriving via car (not via study hall) must immediately get temperature checked and affirm the APP was completed.
      • The coaches and study hall monitor will coordinate to ensure all students have been checked.
    • We’ll do sanitization for erg handles and other surfaces that are being contacted by multiple people’s hands during the same practice.
    • Masks stay on in school, at practice, and if walking from study hall to the boathouse (unless hydrating).  No masks during actual workouts (unless the student prefers). 
    • Distancing is 3ft, but more is always better.  Inside, we will do 5ft unless crowding around a TV.
  • Weather protocols
    • We have the ability to practice indoors in a large space.  Inclement weather does not cancel practice.  If NPS cancels after school activities, we follow their lead and cancel.  Come if you feel safe doing so.
    • Inclement weather that will prevent walking/running to the boathouse will cancel study hall.  This will be announced at school.
  • The training calendar for the year is posted, though it is subject to change… especially further in the future (
  • Possessions storage:
    • We have a locked plywood box at the boathouse for storage of school bags and personal possessions.
    • The only personal possessions allowed to be stored outside that box are car keys (for those who drove), or fragile items that come directly from school.  Cell phones do not meet the criteria to be stored around the boathouse (this change is being implemented due to COVID).
  • Needed items/equipment
    • Every student must have a personal water bottle with their name on it.  To prevent accumulation of plastic at the boathouse, disposable bottles will not be allowed after week 2.  Students without water bottles will not be allowed to train on the water.
    • Athletic shoes that facilitate running are required.  Athletic clothing is too; baggy shorts that will get caught in seat wheels will be highly discouraged. 
  • Dues – There are dues (we’re a club sport with no NPS financial backing).  Details are in the paperwork.
  • Swim test – A minimum ability to swim is needed.  We can help you learn and pass.  Test days are notionally 16/23/30Sep.  Details are up (