Structure = Speed

The most important thing we have “lost” in these coming weeks is structure.  School and practice keep us on a schedule that enables our success.  We don’t need the extra will-power to get going if we’re being told to do so.  I’m not sure whether the school is providing a study schedule, but I hear there will be work for you to complete.  If you have a school schedule, follow that.  If not, this training plan offers a structure I think will best enable your athletic improvement during the break from practice.  It adds plenty of green sessions.  Expect more specifics to be posted as the days go forward.  For motivation, go read the post behind the password.

Training Opportunity

Athletes, these two (or more) “lost” weeks offer each of you an interesting opportunity.  You have the chance to follow a much better athletic training regime, one that gets closer to the plans being used by the best endurance athletes in the world.  Expect more posts by me to guide this plan.  For now, we need to start with the most important part… with WHY.  Watch the video below.  Then, write out 3 or more reasons why our current crew training is flawed based on this research.  Watch the video again, and write out at least 5 reasons why your typical school day is not ideal to optimal training.  Email me your lists.  I’ll post (attendance page) the ones (no names associated) I think are best.  My judging criteria are (in order of importance):  brevity, comprehensiveness, insight, and brutal honesty.

HREP Details

Here are the specifics promised for HREP.  The official website is

  1. Location is Catholic High School (4552 Princess Anne Rd); in the gym which is on the left side of the school as you drive in.
  2. The racing schedule (with your exact time to compete) is out in draft. The final lineup (which may have changes) will be posted at the event.
  3. All students attending need to arrive by 0800, except the Open Guys, who I will see there at 0730. There’s no need to check in at the event.
  4. Plan to stay the whole time (it’s a team event). The last team race is perhaps 1200, so 1230 pickup time should work great. If you must leave early, talk to a coach first.
  5. Racing uniform is our team shirt and spandex (assuming you have them… which you should). If you don’t have a team shirt, I need to know.
  6. Plan for your own food and beverages. There are concessions on site. You need to be hydrated and fed to race well (start now).
  7. There is no great place to put your stuff. Don’t bring a bunch of things with you. Granby Crew is not responsible if you lose your i-Whatever.
  8. Those of you who owe me regatta fees, Saturday morning is fine but before is preferred.
  9. There’s room to do homework. Bringing some is a great idea.
  10. The final schedule will be posted at the event. You are responsible for own race. Watch the clock, warmup, and prepare your body on time.
  11. The last events of the day are team races (1000m). They are free. If you can get 4 people together to race, I’ll enter you (only people doing the erg pull can do the team event).  I make the entries on race day.  Once you’re in, there’s no backing out after the 2k.  You’d have to find someone to take your seat.
  12. Lightweights, the scales open at 0730. If you’re worried, talk to me about making weight. Limits are 155 for men and 135 for women.  They might be using our scale, so if you want a quick check before 0730 then you need to get there before I hand it over.
  13. Youth (elementary and middle school) competitor entries can be made the morning of the race (by you, early, at the regatta desk).

Lightweight Qualification Process for Spring (Update 2030, 20Jan)

This information only applies to varsity athletes who want to row in lightweight events in the coming spring season.  The maximum weights for those categories are 130lb for women and 150lb form men.  The full text of USRowing’s new policy is here.  Quick summary:  a primary care provider (doctor, physician’s assistant, registered nurse) must certify, based off multiple years of weight measurements and growth charts (or other sufficient available data), that you will naturally remain under the race day limits.  The rules currently only apply to our 28Mar Occoquan race, and Upper Boat States.  This may change to include Regionals as well.

This (the doctor’s appointment) is a new cost to some athletes.  We don’t want you running out to pay it if you won’t actually row lightweight, and/or won’t go to States.  Talk to me ASAP (and before making the appointment) if you are interested in racing lightweight.  Because of the cost, I encourage a parent to join the conversation.

If we decide you’re following this path, make the appointment ASAP.  The physician, athlete, and parent must fill out the form (page 1 is the primary care provider, page 2 is parent/athlete).  Return the form to me; I will be sending the team’s forms in as a group.  The postmark deadline is 15Mar.  But expected processing time is 3 weeks, meaning the latest submission date would be 7Mar to be eligible for the category at the 28Mar regatta.  If I have a bunch of forms early, I’ll send those before I have the last few in hand.

The waiver process previously described in my post is no longer a thing.

Weight room time

Times have been adjusted for tomorrow.  Session 1 is 0830-1030.  Session 2 is 1000-1200.  None of you were kicked out of your slots by the change.  If you want to adjust your participation, please go to the site and do so.

HOTC videos

It took some extra fall season, but our novices finally got to race.  They looked pretty good.  Sorry three of the novice ladies had to miss.  The good news: there’s plenty of racing to be had come spring season.

HOTC lineps, draft schedule, updated info

Update 1:  our team oars will not appear on the shirt.  Sorry, I missed the deadline.

Lineups are set.  Thanks for all the communication that enabled these.  Draft schedule is out, but is expected to change some before final posting Friday.

The whole schedule is moved back one hour so temperatures can rise.  Coxswain meeting is at 0830; all coxswains be on-site by 0815.  Arrival times for other students are listed by boat (remember the schedule may change a bit).

After this regatta we will be unloading, washing, and rigging.  All racing students are expected back at the boathouse when the trailer arrives, and to stay until hull storage is complete.